The Number 1 Website Copy and Content Mistake

Your website lies at the heart of your business.
So when the time comes to updating it, it can feel like everybody has an opinion of what should be done.
The result is a million different ideas with very little agreement on the direction that should be taken.
This either stalls the development of the new website indefinitely or results in a new version that no-one is happy with.
Worse, the new one is no more effective than the old one.
In reality, the problem is not the quantity or the quality of ideas.
It’s knowing which ones are most relevant to you and more importantly the people you are trying to attract.

What not to do:

This is the process that many people follow when redesigning their website. The focus is very much on what the website looks like. The content is then considered once there is agreement on the new design.
It’s not hard to see why you would do it this way around. After all the design is the fun bit. Writing the content is tough and time consuming.
Finally we ask people what they think of it and we get lots of useful feedback. The problem with doing it this way is that you can’t implement a lot of the feedback because you are limited by the design you’ve created.
You then have to go back to the design agency and spend lots of time and money trying to make the changes work.

The Solution is to Reverse the Process

First, ask your audience what they want from your website.
Second, develop the content and features that they have asked for.
Last, create a design that is attractive to your audience and allows you to offer the content and features they really want.
The result is a website that works and a process that avoids the endless discussions about functionality and design.
The bottom line; the people most qualified to help you develop your website are the people you want to attract to it.
Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

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  • Your blog is all true, people think about the “pretty face”, the images and then lastly the content as that is work.
    I always refer to these types of sites as hollow vessels and it also makes me wonder if the organisations behind them are also just pretty faces or their is intelligence inside.
    Best wishes,
    The Linked In Man


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