Enjoy the recognition and success you deserve.

The Sales Sweet Spot is a proven process that enables you to leverage your most valuable assets (your experience, expertise, and impact) to develop communications specifically engineered to magnetise ideal prospects for your business.

Sales Sweet Spots are lucrative market niches. People for whom your unique skills, experience and way of working are the perfect fit for overcoming their challenges and achieving their goals.

When you focus on your Sales Sweet Spot™, your sales and marketing have the intensity to penetrate the noise and capture ideal customers’ attention.

The Core Tenets of our Approach

The underlying principles of our approach are driven by our belief that:

  1. Every business has a Sales Sweet Spot, where your unique experience, expertise, and approach come together to produce exceptional results for a clearly defined market.
  2. Your current clients and employees will tell you everything you need to successfully sell yourself to people just like them.
  3. You already have everything you need in-house to engage the people you want to attract.
  4. You are sitting on a treasure trove of insight and evidence that will magnetise your market to your business.
  5. Too many businesses are unintentionally overlooking these most valuable assets.

It’s time to put them to work.

An Antidote to 3 Critical Challenges

Our approach has been specifically designed to enable you to overcome 3 critical business challenges that are getting in the way of your business growth.

Challenge 1
Gaining the attention of your target market.

Challenge 2
Gaining the recognition you both deserve and need to be your market’s first choice.

Challenge 3
Generating the content necessary to consistently build awareness.

It’s the biggest shift I’ve seen in selling. I don’t have to explain who we are anymore, and our sales partners have said the same. While no one knew who we were last year, they now get asked about us all the time and have to add us to the purchase process. I’ve looked after major global brands and never came across a shift like that.

Senior Vice President, Strategy, Global – International Technology Business