Stand Out

9mm is a strategic communications consultancy founded by Alex Moscow, a specialist in thought leadership and personal brand building.

Leveraging 2 decades of experience and expertise, we help you stand out from the crowd and establish yourself as your market’s ‘Go To’ provider.

Typically our clients work in tight competitive markets and are looking for ways to penetrate the noise and attract profitable prospects.

We enable you to do this by developing and distributing meaningful sales and marketing content that showcases your unique ability to get the results your market demands.

The Result – you enjoy more profile, pipeline and profits.

Our Why

To stand out in today’s hyper-competitive B2B markets, it’s not enough to be technically brillliant. You need an edge.

You need something meaningful that resonates. Something so unique and valuable that it’s impossible to ignore.

We call that thing your Sales Sweet Spot.

It’s your special sauce. Your X Factor that bridges the gap between your market’s problems and the achievement of their goals. It’s why your clients buy from you, and why like-minded people will buy from you too.

Our mission – to leverage your sales sweet spot, so you can achieve the recognition and success you deserve.

The 9mm Sweet Spot

We excel at shining a light on your unique value and exploding it into the public domain through engaging, persuasive content.

Our special sauce is our ability to:

  1. Discover the real reasons your customers buy from you
  2. Put those insights to work through clear messages and content that resonates with your target market
  3. Place that content where it will engage and attract ideal prospects