9mm is one of the few PR / Marketing agencies that understands how to communicate in an effective meaningful way to customers. This in turn enabled us to produce collateral that aided our clients in their buying process. If I had the opportunity, I would pay the extra to get the value they provide.

Mark Stephens, Sales Director

9mm doesn’t do PR. Not in the traditional sense. We knew that we needed to raise our own profile if we wanted to grow but didn’t feel we had the content to satisfy the media in the long-term. Most of our work comes from a handful of clients and so it’s rare that we have the kind of new projects that fill news pages.
We spoke to a number of PR companies, all of whom wanted to take us down the news route. We didn’t feel that they understood us or what we wanted to achieve. Rather than concentrate on news, they got under the skin of Umbrella and enabled us to see our company through the eyes of our customers. They helped me to realise that my experience had value and that people would be interested in what I had to say.
Every month we get coverage in a key media and I’m asked to take part in roundtables and speak at conferences attended by our prospects.
They have also helped us to create a new website, which I believe truly differentiates us from our competition. Rather than a window into the work we do, it helps us to connect with our customers by communicating our personality, how we think and how we work. Like the PR, it doesn’t try to sell. Instead it gives us a chance to build the common ground between us and our prospects that is essential for creating the emotional connection that will make us attractive to them.

Mark Fanthorpe, Owner

The PR campaign has really put Divi on the map. The coverage has been excellent but what I’ve really appreciated is how Alex and his team coverts my ideas into column inches. The profile has helped build our community and attract partners and investors.

Nick Saponaro, Co-Founder & CEO, Divi Labs

I’ve never read something from a PR agency that I did not feel compelled to violently slash to death with a red pen.
However, the press release produced by Alex and his team for a piece of joint activity between SwiftStack and bet365 had an organic feel that our technical audience prefers and demonstrated a clear understanding of the technology and solution.
We could not have written the copy better ourselves, which is a super compliment to 9mm for capturing and crafting the messages.

Mario Blandini, VP Marketing, Swiftstack

It wasn’t St Minver’s first priority to have a public facing brand. It is important however, that we make a name for ourselves in our industry as well as have the right kind of presence to attract more brands to our business model. Alex and his team understood this need and has been instrumental in helping to shape the perception of our company as one of the key players in the UK gaming market.

Leigh Nissim, MD

I have really enjoyed collaborating with Alex and his company 9mm.
They have provided great insights into my clients’ needs, which has led me to completely re-write our marketing materials. We are now entirely focused on the ‘special sauce’ (as Alex calls it!) rather than telling people what we do. A really obvious point and now the materials seem to be writing themselves which is just great.

Jo Randle, CEO, Aspect Communications

Working with us, Alex and 9MM deliver excellent work on ‘tech’ topics which are not necessarily ‘sexy’ for the media.
They find the best angles and approaches that put our business out there and provides us with considerable support and strategy input.

Andra Dinu, Senior Marketing Executive, Erlang Solutions

9mm brought much needed clarity to the business, giving it a platform to push forward. The PR programme has delivered excellent coverage, new business leads into major brands, and interest from investors.

Neil Fell, COO, Fintech

Alex and 9MM communications were recommended to help us understand how to differentiate ourselves and land more prospects.
I was immediately impressed by their tenacity to understand our business and the clear guidance on how we could have a greater impact on our market.
I was delighted with the outcome of the project as Alex had worked with our customers to truly get to the heart of what we deliver, and then enable us to use this insight to showcase our strengths. I would not hesitate to recommend them and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Neil Laver, Director of Sales

9MM is able to tread that fine line between finding the angles the media and IT community find interesting and ensuring we maintain confidentiality.
You can see the measurable impact our PR programme has had at our new Manchester office. We opened fully expecting it to take time to recruit. But instead we’ve filled it really quickly.

Martin Davies, CEO, Technology, bet365

Alex is incisive, imaginative and inventive. He and his team hone a PR message with extraordinary ability. So many PR ‘professionals’ tell you how to suck eggs. Alex is the Cockerel of PR professionals.

Dr Richard Wilson, CEO

Our company engaged with Alex and his team at 9mm Public Relations on a high-profile, quick turnaround yet important assignment. I have to say, I could not be more pleased with the results.
9mm engaged quickly and professionally, while driving effective results. Given my experience working with other PR firms, it was a welcome surprise that Alex was able to engage on this exact project, focusing on our specific goals without a push to build the project into a larger effort with more lofty goals (with associated billing). I highly recommend 9mm Public Relations.
They are responsive and effective with a focus on meeting the customers needs. We will definitely engage Alex and his team again.

Gail Backal, Owner

9mm recently ran an email marketing workshop at our offices. It was an inspiration. They helped confirm what we were already doing well and offered a simple process for increasing the effectiveness of our campaigns.
Vitally, they showed us how to stand out from the crowd and create meaningful messages that will really hit their mark. My team left enthused and excited.

Dan Pounder, Senior Vice President, Extreme Music

I have worked with the 9mm team on a number of projects in the last 5 years and can recommend them highly. Their attention to detail at the point of concept and right the way through the process ensures the final output produces results.
Their methodology and approach makes sure they understand not just our business objectives but those of our customers. This combination has always produced high quality material and great results. Working with 9mm is always a pleasure and I look forward to continuing to do so.

Tom Moores, Sales Director – Cloud and Hosting

Alex and his team have been instrumental in helping us to stand out from the crowd and position ourselves as the first choice for potential buyers.

Toby Dixon, Co-Founder, Marlin Green

Alex and his team revolutionised our public relations programme. By working hand-in-hand with our sales and marketing teams his company has generated the communications collateral and media coverage that is playing a vital role in driving new customers to the business.

Nikki de Kretser, VP Marketing