My career began at Bite, one of the UK’s leading PR agencies.

From the moment I started working in PR nearly two decades ago, I’ve run personal profile-raising campaigns for the owners, CEOs, and senior execs of my client’s businesses.

Working as I have with some of the biggest brands in the world (Samsung, bet365, Marvel and McAfee), at times, my job was relatively easy. 

Typically, I’d identify the topics my clients wanted to cover and tease out the hot takes they wanted to share.

I’d then contact the editors of target publications and offer a lunch. The fact that my clients were market leaders meant getting a yes was almost a given.

The actual job was ensuring the issues were relevant and the insights juicy. I got good at it and enjoyed a lot of lovely lunches in swanky London restaurants, thank you very much.

My Eureka Moment

However, working for less well-known brands was much harder. Not having the same brand power, it was tough to entice journalists to meet with or write about them. Even though many had superior propositions, achieved better results, and had hotter insights.

It was highly frustrating. That is until a lightbulb moment changed my thinking forever.

Just because my clients weren’t from big brands didn’t mean they didn’t have something of value to say, nor that they weren’t credible. 

It was quite the opposite. As passionate proprietors of disruptive businesses that sought to break the monopolies of their larger corporate competitors, their insights were often more incisive.

When devising their approach, they’d thought about what was working (and, more importantly, not working) in their industry and had developed propositions that created efficiencies, boosted momentum, and delivered outstanding results.

And because many had enjoyed distinguished careers before setting up on their own, they also had that much-needed credibility.

My Most Important Discovery

It dawned on me the process was the same, no matter how big the brand was. To succeed, I needed to:

  1. Identify the valuable insights my clients had safely stored in their brains
  2. Package them up to make them compelling
  3. Pinpoint key proof points that would make them a credible spokesperson

It worked like a dream, and soon I was helping companies of all sizes to punch well above their weight and achieve media coverage that matched and, in many cases, surpassed that of their much more significant competition.

It also became clear that the process wasn’t just a great way of achieving press coverage. It effectively engaged and attracted perfect prospects when applied to sales and marketing.

A Proven Process

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Over the years, I’ve executed content campaigns that have delivered consistent quality coverage and helped achieve the business objectives of 100s of companies.

Now, I want to do the same for you.

Alex Moscow

MD & Founder, 9mm PR