5 Ways to Make Your Coverage Work Harder for You

????????So you’re scoring some good media coverage.
Chances are if you’ve got into the right places, a number of people from your target market will have seen it. Some may have already responded.
But now what? Once coverage has appeared, is it useless?
There was a time when media pieces only had a very short life span. After which point they ended up in a book, on a reception desk, hoping to be read by some passer by.  Some, the less fortunate, lived out the rest of their very short lives as wrapping for fish and chips.
Not anymore. Today it’s a very different story.
If you know what to do, there is simply no sell by date for your media coverage. Realistically it can keep working for you long after it originally appeared. Maybe even, forever!
Here’s how:

Your Website

Create a dedicated media area on your website and you’ve got a one stop shop for both visitors and other journalists to find the fruits of your PR labour.

Your Blog

Offer excerps from your media pieces on your blog and links to a PDF of the complete piece.

Your Social Media Profiles

What better way to enable the people who know, like and trust you to share your media coverage with your target market than to post it on your social media pages.

Your Newsletter

Realistically if the media was interested in your running your story or opinion piece then you can bet your distribution list will be too.
You can either run the article in full or create links from your newsletter to your website. Or if it appeared online then have the link go directly to the piece online.

Word of Mouth

Your network is the best advocate of your success in the media.
If they think that what you have said in the media is of interest to the people that they influence, they will have no problem in forwarding your coverage onto their network.
The bottom line is you worked hard to achieve the coverage so don’t be afraid to shout about your media successes.

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