Despite getting off to a good start, it’s not unusual for PR campaigns to lose momentum.
What starts out as a stream of media coverage, soon recedes to a drip. Sometimes it can dry up altogether.
This happens when your media strategy is too dependent on news.
While major brands like Microsoft, Cisco and Oracle have a constant supply of attention seeking stories, many B2B brands don’t.
So when the stories dry up, so does the coverage.

How We Help You Maintain a Constant Flow of Coverage

While we are experts at preparing press releases that convert into coverage, our specialty is an area of PR called Thought Leadership.
Simply put, thought leadership is a process of transforming your experience and expertise into high impact, opinion driven articles.
Articles that are both highly influential with your target market and in high demand by the media.
Using a proven process and a journalistic ear, we extract all of that lovely knowledge that exists within your organisation and translate it onto the pages of your key media.
That’s why our clients measure their coverage in pages, not column inches.

What You Get

  • Consistent coverage in your target media
  • Increased awareness amongst your target market
  • Personal media profile for you and other key spokespeople in your organisation
  • Fast approval – the majority of our content is signed off after the first draft
  • Increased exposure – thought pieces typically get more space in magazines than news pieces

You can take a look at some examples of our thought leadership coverage here.
If you’re more interested in the quality of the coverage we get for individual clients click here.