Engage the People You Want to Attract

In crowded markets, where competition for your audience’s attention has reached near deafening levels, what do you need to do to penetrate the noise and achieve the scale and success you know you deserve?

It is this specific problem that the Sales Sweet Spot has been developed to solve.

The approach enables talented founders, owners, and leaders of B2B businesses to identify their ideal audience and position themselves as that market’s Perfect Partner.

By Perfect Partner we mean:

A person/business that has the specific experience, expertise, and approach needed to transport their market from where they are now to where they want to be.

People like you.

Your ideal customers are looking for someone they can trust. Someone who understands what they need and who they believe can help them overcome their challenges and achieve their goals.

That person is YOU. Your market just doesn’t know it yet.

Enjoy the recognition and success you deserve.

Using proven principles, our approach delivers emotionally charged copy, content, and media coverage that enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Whether you’re looking to build pipeline, expand your team or attract a buyer for your business, the Sales Sweet Spot will enable you to amplify your impact and influence.

Once taken through the Sales Sweet Spot process, our clients go on to enjoy increased profile in key media, greater engagement on social and more leads into ideal customers.

Mine the gold in your business.

The underlying principles of our approach are driven by our belief that:

  1. Every business has a Sales Sweet Spot; that place where your unique experience, expertise, and approach come together to produce exceptional results for a clearly defined market.
  2. Your current clients and employees will tell you everything you need to successfully sell yourself to people just like them.
  3. You already have everything you need in-house to engage the people you want to attract.
  4. You are sitting on a treasure trove of insight and evidence that will magnetise your market to your business.
  5. Too many businesses are unintentionally overlooking their most valuable assets.

It’s time to put them to work.

Establish yourself as your market’s ‘Go-To’ expert.

Every day your market is on a hunt for a very special kind of content. What we call Transformative Insight:

That which triggers meaningful progress towards their professional and personal goals.

According to LinkedIn:

  • 58% of decision-makers read one or more hours of thought leadership per week.
  • More than half (55%) said they use thought leadership to vet organizations they may hire.
  • Almost half (47%) of C-suite executives said they have shared their contact information after reading thought leadership.
  • Almost 60% of business decision-makers said that thought leadership directly led to their awarding of business to an organization.
  • More than 60% of C-suite executives said they were more willing to pay a premium to companies that create thought leadership with a clear vision.
  • 60% of decision-makers said thought leadership convinced them to buy a product or service they were not previously considering.

Your target market craves momentum and a guide who can deliver it.

The Sales Sweet Spot identifies the Transformative Insight you have inhouse and translates it into a content strategy that exerts an irresistible pull on your target market.