Content Portfolio

While we can’t show you the messaging documents that form the foundation of our client campaigns (they’re locked away under NDA), we can share some of the compelling content that results.



(now part of Peer 1 hosting) is a specialist in managed hosting services. Their PCi compliant solution was one of the first in the market and offered an opportunity to differentiate themselves from an extremely crowded market. The challenge was the complexity of communicating the benefits of it’s solution.
We helped them translate an extremely technical product into a story that provided compelling reasons to  buy in.

You can read the whitepaper we produced in partnership with them here.

TIMICO is an established IT Service Provider with an excellent reputation for customer service. IT services provision is an extremely competitive market sector and finding compelling differentiators is tough. So when Timico launched their Disaster Recovery as a Service product (one of the first in the UK), it offered an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. The challenge was convincing the market of its value.

Our job was to find the compelling hook that would make it a must have service.
You can read the whitepaper we helped them produce here.

Telling the story of bet365’s technological innovations is an essential part of geneating awareness of the company in the media and positioning them as an attractive place for IT talent to work.

We regularly partner with their spokespeople to create compelling, story driven whitepapers that we’ve placed in the media.

You can read one here.

Case Studies

PGI offers online and audio conferencing and collaboration tools. On the surface their isn’t much to differentiate them from their competition. However, by telling the story of their customer experiences, we were able to demonstrate the quality of their platform and customer service.

You can read the case study here.

UMBRELLA is a retail design consultancy that operates in a very competitive market. To help them stand out from the crowd, we identified a clear sweet spot in cosmetics and brought it to the forefront of their sales collateral. By doing so we have helped attract some of the largest independent cosmetics companies to their business.

Case studies have provided an essential tool for attracting their target market. You can check out one of their case studies here.

A&N is a Surrey based Chartered Accountancy practice who wanted to attract larger businesses that would create opportunities for more challenging work. By telling relatable stories of like-minded customers, the challenges they faced and the results A&N has helped them achieve, we have demonstrated the quality of their business consultancy.

You can read one of the case studies here.

Messaging and Positioning

SOUNDLOUNGE is a music licensing consultancy that excels at helping brands get the best deal on their music purchases. The initial part of our partnership involved creating a concise overview of the company that would win over procurement prospects.

You can read it here.

UMBRELLABRAND is a branding agency that specialises in retail. While the company delivers incredible work, it’s real point of difference is the knowledge and expertise of its people. By communicating this quality to journalists, we have successfully generated significant media coverage.

You can read their General Manager’s biography here.

Media Engagement

One of our key strengths is converting content into media coverage. The result is not only raising awareness of our client’s businesses but persuasive people driven content that engages and attracts their target market.
To view some of the coverage that we have generated recently, click here.