Linkedin Domination

Linkedin Strategies that Generate Leads

With over 300 million business people using it, Linkedin is the largest professional network in the world and a powerful lead generation tool for B2B service providers.

However, although members figures are high, there are still very few companies are tapping its full potential.

This creates a huge opportunity for those that do.

We can help you master Linkedin in a number of ways.

Lead Generation

We’ve developed a process that’s enabling our clients to quickly generate a pipeline of meetings with profitable prospects.

The process is remarkably simple.

Using Linkedin’s free search tool, your close network of contacts and an email that offers compelling hooks, we make prospects an offer that they’ll find hard to refuse.

Profile Creation

Your Linkedin profile and that of your company is as important as your website (if not more so).

It’s the first place that any of your prospects will check you out.

Despite this, many profiles remain incomplete or unoptimised.

We will work with you to develop a Linkedin profile that doesn’t just say what you do but says it in a way that is both meaningful to your target audience and builds the credibility and confidence needed to create a strong foundation for a commercial relationship.

Compelling Content

Linkedin provides a number of opportunities to use content to connect with and attract your target market.

We help you to identify the most appropriate opportunities for your business, develop content that will have the greatest impact and seed it to gain the most visibility.